Boxing Out the Bureaucrats

Over the past eight years, Americans have been forced to stand by and watch as Washington bureaucrats have garnered more and more power with almost no oversight or repercussions.

When our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, they were very clear in how power should be divided – and nowhere did it say that unelected men and women should be enacting policy reform and instituting laws on the states or people throughout this country.

From imposing expensive regulatory burdens on our nation’s job creators to enacting policy changes to take decision-making power away from the states, these unelected bureaucrats have gotten out of control. Thankfully, with President Trump and Republican majorities in Congress, we are already on the path to changing that.
We have worked to rein in rule-making power through laws like the REINS Act and the SCRUB Act, which bring Congressional oversight to this nation’s regulatory state. We are using the Congressional Review Act to roll back Obama’s lame duck rules. We overturned an anti-coal regulation. And we are working to repeal Obamacare so that patients like you once again have control over your health insurance.

There is much work to be done to return the lawmaking power to its rightful place – the people’s representatives. We did not get here overnight, and we are not going to fix everything overnight either, but we are on our way.

I am grateful that President Trump is committed to reestablishing the balance of power our Founding Fathers intended, and look forward to working with him and the rest of Congress to do just that.