Budget Paves the Way for Tax Reform

Last week was a big week in Washington, D.C.  The House passed the budget, which is a fiscally responsible framework that garnered wide support from conservative groups across the country.  I was proud to support this budget, which paves the way for the first substantial tax reform this nation has seen in more than 30 years.

Yesterday, the tax reform text was released, and you can read the bill here.  Even before the proposed bill text was released, democrats were desperately working to fight tax cuts and reform.  Even the Washington Post gave “four Pinocchios” to Senate Democrat claims that it would be “a hefty tax hike” for the middle class and wrote “actually, it’s the opposite.”

One thing that is important to note: this legislative text will go through the regular committee processes in the House and the Senate. It will have things added and removed. It will be poked and prodded. And it will be done so in front of the American people. 

I am encouraged by our starting point and look forward to where we can go from here because this tax plan is about all of you. It is tax reform for Minnesota families and Main Street America to ensure you are able to keep more of the dollars you have earned.

We are committed to getting this done for you and for all Americans.

p.s. It’s not just tax cuts; it’s tax reform.  Here is a visual streamlining of the personal tax brackets.