Another Step Taken for Mining

During the Obama Administration, Americans became accustomed to executive overreach and un-elected bureaucrats meddling in our daily lives. Minnesota was not exempt.  On their way out the door, the previous administration took actions detrimental to the future of our great state and mining exploration in Northern Minnesota.

All Minnesotans know of the “Iron Range” and how important mining is to our state’s history, as well as our economy and education funding. Thankfully, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives recognized that importance, and today, we passed the MINER Act, which I was proud to lead.This legislation gets the federal government out of the way so Minnesotans can explore the possibility of mining the largest untapped copper-nickel deposit in the world. It also returns that authority to Minnesotans as we know what is best for our state.

I am glad this week Congress continued our efforts to roll back the burdensome, unnecessary, and far-reaching actions of the previous administration and am grateful for what this means for Minnesota.

P.S. This legislation does not bypass the environmental review process; it simply unwinds the Obama Administration’s overreach and reinstates Congress’ power.