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#ThankACop: Maple Grove Police Officer Tom Chaffin

Officer Chaffin was recommended to Wear the Badge by Elk River Police Chief Ron Nierenhausen for his experience and conduct when he was serving as a patrol officer with the Elk River Police Department. Having grown up in Maple Grove, Minnesota, Officer Chaffin became a law enforcement officer because he wanted to be able to look back on his life and see that he made a difference and stood for something good. His goal as a police officer is to help people in the communities he serves and make a difference in their lives.

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#ThankACop: Crystal Police Department

As we’ve done over the past several weeks, we’re sharing a story with you today about the important work law enforcement officers do for our communities. Though the nature of this work is often dangerous and risky, today’s story is anything but!

Tomorrow, on September 25, a baby boy in Crystal, Minnesota will celebrate his first birthday… thanks to a safe and healthy delivery made possible by a member of the Crystal Police Department, Sergeant Gabe Storz! Sergeant Storz has worked for the Crystal Police Department since 2015, and he was promoted to sergeant in February of 2019.

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#ThankACop: Wyoming Police Department

With the COVID-19 pandemic, police officers have had fewer opportunities to connect with the communities they serve face-to-face. However, Wyoming Police Chief Paul Hoppe has been working to ensure that his department is able to maintain their bond with the public even though the number of in-person interactions has sharply decreased. Chief Hoppe also said that following George Floyd’s unjust death, he was inspired to build trust with the public and make sure that the community knows the person behind the badge and the uniform.

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