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#ThankACop: Officer Jason Falconer

Yesterday, my team and I launched our #ThankACop initiative to support and recognize law enforcement officers for the work they do to help our communities.

As part of this campaign, we will be highlighting individual officers each week and the important work they do to protect and serve Minnesotans. First up is Officer Jason Falconer, an American hero from my home district (MN-06).

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Congressman Tom Emmer Announces his #ThankACop Initiative

Otsego, MN – Today, Sixth District Congressman Tom Emmer is beginning his #ThankACop initiative. In the wake of increased scrutiny of law enforcement following the death of George Floyd, law enforcement officers in Minnesota are facing low morale and increased recruitment difficulties.

“The goal here is simple: while the public debates issues of police reform, we all need to take a step back and realize what our peace officers do for all of us and our communities every single day. While many are out on the streets putting their lives on the line for us, others are organizing prescription drug take back programs, doing community outreach, fighting sex trafficking rings, and generally making our streets safer for our kids to play on. Now more than ever, we need to reach out and simply show gratitude because without them, our communities would not be the places we call home,” Emmer said.

“Everyone knows a law enforcement officer, and they come from all different backgrounds and beliefs. We just want to encourage people to recognize law enforcement officers for all that they do.”

The #ThankACop campaign will highlight individual officers from Minnesota on a weekly basis as well as bring attention to the work that peace officers do to keep those they have sworn to protect and serve out of harm’s way.