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Life is a Gift and a Value to Defend

On Tuesday, the House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to ban abortions
after 20 weeks. The unborn are the most vulnerable, and I was proud to cosponsor and vote for
this legislation that will protect the innocent.

To learn more about this important bill, read this op-ed by Chairman of the House Judiciary
Committee Bob Goodlatte.

As a father of seven, I am a proud supporter of life. I always have been, and always will be pro-
life and for as long as I serve in Congress, I will act to give a voice for those who are unable to
speak for themselves.

Protecting the Defenseless

Protecting the Defenseless

Anniversaries are often thought of as happy occasions, but some mark darker days. Today, marks the 44th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Unfortunately, since the ruling of Roe v. Wade, nearly 60 million babies have been killed. Enough is enough. As the father of seven amazing children, it pains me to know that so many lives have been taken with their futures never being realized.

I always have been and always will be 100% pro-life, and am proud of my voting record defending those who cannot defend themselves. I remain committed to supporting the most vulnerable, today and always.

All days, but especially today, it is important that we stand up and be a voice for the unborn.