Key Issues

Principles that Lead to Prosperity

Small Business

Tom believes that in order to get people back to work, we need to get government out of the way. He has fought in Congress to undo unnecessary and burdensome regulations that are strangling small businesses and driving up costs for businesses and working families to help them be able to invest in our communities and our local economy.


Tom believes that funding to improve roads, bridges, and highways should be spent on just that – improving roads, bridges, and highways. He will fight to make sure important transportation infrastructure needs, such as the I-35, I-94 and Highway 10 corridors, get the funding they need, and that the money is not diverted to other less important projects.


Tom is fighting for better education funding and more local control of schools. He believes school districts should have extended freedom to provide innovative solutions to their own local problems without having to ask the federal government for permission.


Tom believes the number one job of the federal government is to keep our citizens and our country safe.  He has co-sponsored and passed legislation that helps ensure we keep our homeland safe by strengthening immigration and refugee admittance process, and securing our borders.  Tom has also taken steps to work to eradicate the world of ISIS  and other terror organizations intent on doing harm to our great nation.

Health Insurance

Tom has seen firsthand the devastating effect Obamacare is having on small businesses and working families. With at least 140,000 Minnesotans in danger of losing their health plans and many being forced to pay significantly more for coverage, Tom will fight to replace it with patient-centered reform with more competition and more choices for patients.

Deficit Reduction

Tom is, and always has been, dedicated to reducing Washington’s runaway spending. Americans know how to spend their money better than Washington bureaucrats, and Tom has taken action to decrease our growing debt and ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent as responsibly as possible.


Tom introduced the legislation to lift the Cuba trade embargo in order to provide new opportunities for increasing trade, as well as advancing the cause of human rights and needed reforms in that country. The legislation improves the United States’ position in the region and increases our leverage as the political transformation begins in Cuba.