MN National Guard Task Force 1-194

While we usually share a law enforcement story on Thursdays, I think it’s appropriate today – especially in light of this morning’s attacks – to recognize the brave soldiers rescuing those stranded in Afghanistan. The current administration MUST ENSURE that Americans are safely evacuated from Afghanistan, and men and women from across the country are headed overseas to help in this effort.

Over 1,100 of our own Minnesotans are currently in Afghanistan supporting “Operation Allies Refuge” as a part of the Minnesota National Guard’s Task Force 1-194. These soldiers are putting themselves in the line of fire to save lives.


1100 Minnesotans deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Allies Refuge


We are forever grateful for our men and women in uniform. The soldiers of the Minnesota National Guard’s Task Force 1-194 deserve much more than we can put into words, but gratitude is what we can offer now.

Thank you, once again, to the Minnesota National Guard and all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, taking part in Operation Allies Refuge.


For our country,