Coon Rapids Welcomes 4 Officers

We have all heard stories and seen data about peace officers walking away from their jobs at an unprecedented rate because of the anti-law enforcement rhetoric that is unfortunately becoming prevalent within some communities and by so-called leadership. When these communities lose their public servants, everyone suffers from the lack of protection and service.

That’s why It’s especially inspiring to see brave young leaders step up as officers amidst the current climate. On May 4, the Coon Rapids Police Department swore in four new officers: Gregg Nordby, Ciara Pedersen, Tyler Sinclair, and John Roth. All four have been community service officers for some time prior.

Coon Rapids Police Chief Brad Wise said that while watching world events, he was “almost emotional about it — the commitment that these young people are making to this city.”



Chief Wise also said he is confident that these officers will be an asset to their communities: “Our training program is designed to be an extremely stressful process to be certain we hired the right people that are ready to perform the vital job for Coon Rapids citizens in the ‘Coon Rapids way.” He summed up Coon Rapids’ policing philosophy too: “It’s about ‘My community needs me, and I’m there to help them.’”

You can read more about each of the four new officers’ background here.

Thank you to Officers Nordby, Sinclair, Roth, and Pederson for stepping up to answer the call of service in Coon Rapids! We look forward to all of the ways you will serve your community. I am also grateful to Chief Wise for his leadership and dedication to nurturing the future of the department. The safety of all our communities depends on the work you do.


In gratitude,


P.S. –  If you have a #ThankACop story to share or an officer to highlight, please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!