Elk River Police Captain Bob Kluntz

Elk River Police Captain Bob Kluntz recently celebrated serving 30 years with the Elk River Police Department. As Police Chief Ron Nierenhausen pointed out, serving as an officer for 30 years is rare, and serving with the same department for those 30 years is even rarer.


Bob Kluntz


A native of Cleveland, Minnesota, Captain Kluntz began his career in 1990 in Elk River as a patrol officer after graduating from Mankato State University. He moved on to work as a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) officer and a juvenile detective before beginning his service as an administrative captain in 2005. Since 2005, he has started his department’s armorer program and served on his department’s training cadre, SWAT team, and honor guard.

During his time with the Department, Chief Nierenhausen shared, Captain Kluntz has received his police service ribbon, a chief’s award, two meritorious service awards, eight unit citations and three letters of recognition.

The Elk River Star News interviewed Captain Kluntz about his service on his 30 year anniversary, and I encourage you all to read that piece here.

Thank you, Captain Kluntz, for your three-plus decades of service and dedication to Elk River. We know that the community of Elk River and its police department are looking forward to your continued service!


In gratitude,


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