MN State Troopers

I wanted to share a heartwarming story this morning about the heroic and life saving work of our Minnesota State Troopers.

On Tuesday, Col. Matt Langer introduced Jenapher Blair to three of the five troopers who recently saved her life by making an emergency “blood run” after the delivery of her third child. After her baby girl was born, Jenapher faced emergency medical complications and required an immediate blood transfusion. However, Hutchinson Health Hospital did not have enough blood for Jenapher and the closest blood donation was 80 miles away.



Fortunately, state troopers are trained specifically for these “blood runs.” In this case, five troopers were able to transport four units of blood in enough time to save Jenapher’s life. One trooper drove the blood from the Red Cross in St. Paul to an airport, then two troopers flew it to Hutchinson, and then two more troopers drove it to the Hutchinson hospital. This transport happened in just over an hour, and Jenapher’s doctors and nurses say that without their speed and expertise, she would not have made it.

Troopers make over 100 blood and organ runs per year, and right now there is a national shortage of blood donations. Jenapher says the first thing she’s going to do once she recovers fully is donate blood. If you would like to help save a life this way, please visit for more information.

Thank you to Col. Langer, Trooper Stricker, and the other four troopers who saved Jenapher’s life. We appreciate the sacrifices you make to be ready for moments like these and are inspired by your work.


In gratitude,


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