St. Cloud Police Department

As many of you may know, St. Cloud’s COP (Community OutPost) House often provides phenomenal opportunities for St. Cloud Police Officers and other law enforcement personnel to meet and build relationships with local residents. This way, more of the work law enforcement does can be proactive and preventative instead of reactive after tragedies have already taken place.


This recent soccer camp was the first week-long soccer camp the COP House has hosted, and more than 120 children participated. In addition to meeting those kids, officers also have the chance to connect with their siblings, families, and friends, multiplying their impact all while putting on a fun program.


There are currently plans to hold the soccer camp again this fall and next summer, and officers are also planning to hold other, similar camps. According to KNSI, coaches for the camp were provided by St. Cloud State University, St. John’s University, St. Cloud Tech, St. Cloud Apollo, St. Cloud Cathedral, and Sauk Rapids. Officers were also able to keep the camp free by partnering with the Tony Sanneh Foundation, run by a retired professional soccer player from St. Paul. Each participant also received a free soccer ball, water bottle, and t-shirt!

Sgt. Ryan Sayer with the St. Cloud Police Department’s Community Engagement Unit shared the importance of programs like this soccer camp: “Just building those relationships is just so important. And if we can get these kids to have a positive experience with us as officers, that’s going to, down the road, that’s going to help us.”

Thank you to Sgt. Sayer and all the officers, coaches, and community members who made this camp possible! We appreciate all you do to keep St. Cloud a safe and fun community for every member.


In gratitude,


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