Two of My Bills Cleared Committee

Last November, Americans went to the polls and demanded we Make America Great Again. While the mainstream  media may not always tell you about our progress, we are working to make that goal a reality.

Last week, in the House Financial Services Committee we got a little closer to it. I am proud that two of my bills – the Micro Offering Safe Harbor Act and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Adjustment Act – were debated and earned support from the majority of my colleagues to pass out of committee.

Through the reforms in the Micro Offering Safe Harbor Act, we aim to unwind the regulatory regime by making it easier for small businesses to raise the capital they need to grow. These job creators are the lifeline of Main Street, so it’s imperative we give them tools to be successful.

Additionally, through the passage of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Adjustment Act, we are able to undo some of the numerous regulations forcing our small community banks and credit unions to close up shop. These local financial institutions are responsible for keeping our communities bustling and lively, and I am pleased to grant them some relief from the “regulation nation” we have become.

Click on this link to read a summary of all of the bills approved by the House Financial Services Committee last
week, including the two of mine.

There is much work yet to be done, but last week we kept moving in the direction of making this nation great once again.