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MN National Guard Task Force 1-194

While we usually share a law enforcement story on Thursdays, I think it’s appropriate today – especially in light of this morning’s attacks – to recognize the brave soldiers rescuing those stranded in Afghanistan. The current administration MUST ENSURE that Americans are safely evacuated from Afghanistan, and men and women from across the country are headed overseas to help in this effort.

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#ThankACop: Wyoming Police Department

With the COVID-19 pandemic, police officers have had fewer opportunities to connect with the communities they serve face-to-face. However, Wyoming Police Chief Paul Hoppe has been working to ensure that his department is able to maintain their bond with the public even though the number of in-person interactions has sharply decreased. Chief Hoppe also said that following George Floyd’s unjust death, he was inspired to build trust with the public and make sure that the community knows the person behind the badge and the uniform.

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Congress Keeps Spending

Recently I voted NO on the minibus spending bills (H.R. 6157) and the FAA reauthorization bill (H.R. 302).
These were tough votes for me because there are policies in the bills I do support, including funding for our military and the largest pay raise in years for our troops, as well as funding for important medical research.  But here is the bottom line: both bills continue our government’s excessive and reckless spending and the billions in disaster relief are not offset.

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Taking Action on Opioids

The United States is in the grips of one of the most insidious addiction crises in our history, driven not by illicit drugs purchased in clandestine transactions, but ones made available in retail outlets by trusted professionals.

More than 63,000 people died from a drug overdose in 2016 – roughly 174 people every day. Two-thirds of these 2016 overdose deaths involved an opioid.  In Minnesota, the increase in drug overdose death rates from 2015 to 2016 was one of the most significant in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 672 Minnesotans died from opioid overdoses in 2016 alone.

We are losing our family members, friends and loved ones.  

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Women Lead and Succeed in Business

It’s no secret that women have long faced obstacles in the business world.

Yet women are doing more with less as female entrepreneurship continues to skyrocket across the country.

Women are starting about 1,800 new U.S. businesses per day and the overall number of women-owned businesses has surged 3,000 percent since 1972.

Helping female entrepreneurs succeed means helping our economy succeed. Republicans have led the way.

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