A Huge Gift – as Promised

Since 1986, Americans have been forced to stand idly by as government took more and more of our hard-earned dollars.

Thankfully, this week, we said “no more.” I am happy to announce that Congress passed and the President signed the first significant tax reform in more than three decades.

After numerous conferences, meetings, committee hearings and hundreds of hours of debate, we have major tax reform that puts American families and the middle-class first, while working to stimulate our economy and help workers across this country.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is just the first step in our tax reform process, but gets us started overhauling an archaic and overly burdensome tax code. And most importantly, Congress listened to the American people and made changes that were demanded.

We are already seeing benefits because of this tax plan. The same day the bill passed both Chambers, numerous Fortune 500 companies announced they plan to invest billions in our country (rather than abroad), raise wages and give employee bonuses.

I am proud to have supported the bill, which will allow you to keep more of your hard earned money and get us one step closer to return to the economic powerhouse we all know we can be.