Another Bill Passes

Washington is a flurry of news – ongoing negative coverage on the President’s historic meeting with North Korea, Majority Leader McConnell’s decision to cancel the Senate’s August recess due to unprecedented Democratic obstruction of the President’s appointees, and Nancy Pelosi raining on America’s LOW unemployment parade.

Meanwhile, over in the House of Representatives, I’ve been hard at work on the Financial Services Committee to continue delivering relief to Main Street. Getting S.2155, the most significant rollback of the Dodd-Frank Act in nearly a decade (which included my Home Mortgage Disclosure Act) across the finish line was a major accomplishment, but it was just the first step. Last week, the Financial Services Committee unanimously passed a new bill I introduced, the Main Street Growth Act, 56-0. It’s not every day the other side of the aisle agrees with Republicans, but some solutions are so common sense, there’s no question.

The Main Street Growth Act will focus on assisting small companies and entrepreneurs take their business public through the creation of venture exchanges, an environment tailored specifically for smaller players who are looking for the opportunity to succeed.

America’s capital markets are the best in the world and have helped companies like Apple go from an amateur garage operation to one of the most successful corporations in history. The Main Street Growth Act will keep our markets healthy and keep the American dream alive.

Get the full scoop on our committee’s work from last week at this link.