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#ThankACop: Chief Jim Coan

At the end of July, Centennial Lakes Police Chief James “Jim” Coan retired after serving the communities of Circle Pines, Centerville, and Lexington for 9 years. Chief Coan’s retirement marked, in total, 42 years of service as a law enforcement officer.

Chief Coan grew up in Escanaba, Michigan. His father was a police officer, and both he and his brother followed in their dad’s footsteps. After attending Michigan State University, Chief Coan earned a Master’s Degree in criminal Justice.

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Congressman Tom Emmer Thanks Voters after Primary

Otsego, MN – Congressman Tom Emmer thanked voters after winning today’s Sixth Congressional District primary election.

“I am extremely honored to have received a vote of confidence from Republican primary voters today and am looking forward to talking to more voters about our shared Midwestern values through the general election on November 3.”


Emmer on the Electoral College

The electoral college is an essential element of our American republic. Our founders wisely laid out the framework for checks and balances within our electoral process in the Constitution. As Democrats in Washington and across the country continue to talk about abolishing the electoral college, mostly due to resentment over the election of President Donald Trump, I am more committed now than ever to continue defending the Electoral College.

First and foremost, the Tenth Amendment clearly grants individual states the right to determine how their electors are selected. Despite this, Democrats in Congress have attempted to institute federal election reforms which would rob all fifty states of these very rights. Their efforts are unconstitutional, and even if Democrats were to pass legislation through the House, it would not hold up when challenged in court.

Secondly, if Minnesota ever reformed the means by which we elect our presidential electors, I have long said I would be in favor of the congressional district allocation that Maine and Nebraska use. Instead of all ten electors being assigned to the winner of the popular vote, two electors would be allocated from the statewide presidential vote total and the other eight would be allocated by the plurality of votes in each congressional district.

The electoral college encourages national campaigning, coalition building, and election integrity, and as a member of Congress, I will always fight to uphold every part of the constitution.


#ThankACop: Officer Jason Falconer

Yesterday, my team and I launched our #ThankACop initiative to support and recognize law enforcement officers for the work they do to help our communities.

As part of this campaign, we will be highlighting individual officers each week and the important work they do to protect and serve Minnesotans. First up is Officer Jason Falconer, an American hero from my home district (MN-06).

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