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#ThankACop: Officer Ryan Priebe

Each year, the Minnesota Peace and Police Officer’s Association names an officer of the year. This year, St. Cloud’s Officer Ryan Priebe was recognized for his service to his community and for his actions on the night of June 14, 2020. Officer Priebe has served with the St. Cloud Police Department for 14 years. His work in St. Cloud’s South Side neighborhood and work with the Community OutPost (COP) House were noted as well.

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#ThankACop: St. Cloud Police Department

The St. Cloud COP  (Community OutPost) House regularly hosts events that invite community members to meet and build relationships with St. Cloud’s police & law enforcement officers. But this summer officers are really going above and beyond their oath to protect and serve by sponsoring two fun programs for local St. Cloud kids.

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#ThankACop: K-9 Bravo & Officer Sortenberg

Many of you probably heard about the police dog who was shot in the line of duty on February 21st. I am happy to share that Anoka’s K-9 Bravo made a complete recovery and returned to work full time at the beginning of the month. Tragically, not all stories involving law enforcement officers being shot at have a happy ending like this one, and it is for that very reason I believe it is crucial to recognize the many brave men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day without knowing whether they will be seriously injured or killed.

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#ThankACop: Coon Rapids Welcomes 4 Officers

We have all heard stories and seen data about peace officers walking away from their jobs at an unprecedented rate because of the anti-law enforcement rhetoric that is unfortunately becoming prevalent within some communities and by so-called leadership. When these communities lose their public servants, everyone suffers from the lack of protection and service.

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