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#ThankACop: Officer Arik Matson

On January 6, 2020, Officer Arik Matson (Age 32) and two other Waseca police officers responded to a call about a suspicious person. The officers did not know on that cold and snowy night that the suspect had an active warrant for arrest relating to drug charges. They also did not know that he had previously been convicted on felony burglary, additional drug charges, and accessory to murder. And, worst of all, they did not know that he was in illegal possession of a weapon.

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#ThankACop: Rochester Police Department

Hope Fuse is a non-profit organization in Rochester, MN that helps connect young children with mentors, and they recently sponsored a day of fishing for children in their community and local Rochester Police Officers!

As Hope Fuse’s founder Manasseh Kambaki explained, the program was meant to help break down stereotypes and allow an opportunity for children to interact with local law enforcement officers: “We want to make sure that the kids understand that not all police officers may be what we see in the TV or the news, but there are good people out there. At the end of the day, police officers, myself and people in different career fields are humans. So the goal behind us partnering and collaborating together so that the youth can build that trust within our law enforcement.”

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#ThankACop: Chief Jim Coan

At the end of July, Centennial Lakes Police Chief James “Jim” Coan retired after serving the communities of Circle Pines, Centerville, and Lexington for 9 years. Chief Coan’s retirement marked, in total, 42 years of service as a law enforcement officer.

Chief Coan grew up in Escanaba, Michigan. His father was a police officer, and both he and his brother followed in their dad’s footsteps. After attending Michigan State University, Chief Coan earned a Master’s Degree in criminal Justice.

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