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#ThankACop: Waite Park Police Chief Dave Bentrud

Waite Park, Minnesota Police Chief Dave Bentrud began his life in Glenwood, a small town in west-central Minnesota. Having lost his father when he was nine and his mother when he was 16, he knew at an early age that he wanted to do something to help people, particularly helping kids deal with adversity. Chief Bentrud’s journey took him to St. Paul, Minnesota, where he earned his criminal justice degree at the University of St. Thomas.

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#ThankACop: Eagan Police Department

Today, I wanted to share the most heartwarming story I’ve seen to date. Last month, Eagan Police Officers received a report about a 12 year old boy who had all $137 of his lemonade stand earnings stolen when he lost his wallet. Even though his wallet was eventually returned to him, it was completely empty. The officers said that his story stood out to them because he had worked exceptionally hard to earn that money and because of the theft, all of his work was about to go unrewarded

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#ThankACop: 911 Dispatcher Marty O’Hehir

On April 16, 2020 at 12:30 PM, State Patrol Operator Marty O’Hehir received a 911 call at the Regional Traffic Management Center in Roseville from a man in his mid-30s who was driving around the Twin Cities. Traveling on I-94 at 100 mph, this man told O’Hehir he was determined to kill himself by either driving off the road into a ditch or up to Duluth and into a lake.

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